The Backstage project - 2015

High number of small and medium theatres in Europe, that can offer employment to young technicians with wide theatrical technical expertise;Small and medium theatres cannot afford to hire different technicians for each different backstage functionNo adequate training that includes principles and techniques of main backstage professional areas; only focused training in single areas is available; Theatrical production is an attractive sector of employment for the youngsters and is an activity, which brings them self-confidence, soft skills and ability to teamwork.

ObjectivesEfficient professional training for theatrical technician to NEETs with basic knowledge;

Online ICT tools for facilitating target group’s employment opportunities by improving their knowledge, skills and competences. Working mobility of people by creating an ECVET Training Course with recognized Learning Outcomes on EU level;



Project “European perspective for Kosovo” № 2010 / 235-646

Project Project – № UK/10/LLP-LdV/TOI-329 Hairdressing Advice Internet Resources for National and European Training

Project № ALF/ CFP/ 2010/ ST2/ 186 Theater Caravan without borders

Project ALF/CFP/2012/MT1/226 Festival of Euromed Contemporary Arts “Culture Versus Crisis” (FEMCA CVC) BAASD – lead partner with partners form Turkey,

BiH, Slovenia and Montenegro

Project IPA Bulgaria-Serbia 2007CB16IPO006-2011-2-104 – Bridging Resources for Ecological and Art-based Development (BREAD)

LdV ToI Project LIST- Logistic Skills Transparency – CIP-LOG 12060

Project BUILD SEE – Urban sustainability and quality governance model – SEE/D/0320/4.1

EEA Project “In defense of our rights” – BG05-1204

Project “Fashion Professional” – 2015-1-lT0l-KAI02-004462